The Official Emanuel Pogatetz Site is online!

Only on you will be able to gather all the information you want about the career of the Austrian football player Emanuel Pogatetz , clearly represented and available at all times.

Among all the Features of the Website there is a Biography, where you can find out about all the Clubs Emanuel Pogatetz played for and if you want to take an even closer look you can check all the presented Statistics.

You will get detailed descriptions about every station in football and even if you were previous following Emanuel Pogatetz you will be able to find some information that will surprise you.

The Official Website also offers an exclusive Gallery, where you can find extraordinary pictures of Emanuel Pogatetz, starting at grass-root-level, all the way up to professional football level.

You also have the opportunity to directly contact Emanuel Pogatetz, just use the available Contact Form.

In the News Section you will be able to find 100% verified news at first hand, a long time before you can find out through other media. You also have the possibility to subscribe to the provided RSS-Feed-News in order to be always up-to-date.

One of the absolute highlights of the Website is the personal Blog of Emanuel Pogatetz. In the Blog he will write exclusively for about a broad range of topics. Not everything in the Blog will be about football and therefore it differs from all the existing ones in the field of professional sports. Also the Blog will be available through a RSS-Feed-Blog, so that you will never miss an entry.

Finally it may be mentioned that the Website automatically adapts to every device you visit with, no matter if it is a smartphone, tablet or PC. However to ensure an optimal graphic presentation on smaller screens some content and text of the Website will be hidden and therefore for the ultimate user-experience it is recommended to visit the site at least with a
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