1. FC Union Berlin


Unfortunately, I did not have time during the last couple of month to look after my website or my blog. To move back to Europe from the US because of my transfer to 1. FC Union Berlin was very time-consuming and there was not a lot of spare time anyway because of the winter pre-season training and the busy game schedule.

Now I have settled in to Berlin - also my

apartment is finally ready - I finally had time to update my website. I added pictures of myself playing for my last club Columbus Crew SC and also for my new club 1. FC Union Berlin. I also updated the contact information if you want to get in touch.

Apart from that I can tell you that I really like it in Berlin, on and off the field. Unfortunately, I did not have a lot of time so far to look around the city, but I think I will definitely explore Berlin during the next couple of weeks. Until now I only went to the supermarket, the hardware store, the stadium and back to my apartment.

From a sports perspective I think we can be very pleased. Especially during the turbulent last couple of weeks with all the injured/ill players and the loss of our head coach because of health reasons we can be very pleased with the results, especially with our home games!

Also for me personally it went very well so far. At the start of the season I was disappointed to miss the final friendly games and the first game of the season because of my bronchitis. But I managed to get through this critical period really well, especially the extra-sessions football-tennis with my coach Hofschneider helped me to close the gap in terms of fitness I lost to my teammates during my illness.

6 of the last 7 games I have been able to play over the full distance and I hope the rest of the season will continue like that. Our objective must be a finish in the top half of the table!

From now on I will try to write more frequently, I already have a couple ideas for my blog I want to present in the near future.