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My personal résumé of the FIFA world cup 2014

Before everything will be about league football again I take the opportunity to blog my résumé of the world cup 2014, particularly about the positive and negative impact of the events in Brazil on football in general.

For me it was not a big surprise that some of the favoured European teams like Spain already failed at group stage and some of the supposedly weaker classified teams from Latin America made it to next round instead. On the one hand the Fans of the Latin American teams had shorter distances to cover to visit the games then their European counterparts, and therefore they nearly always played in a “Home-Game” atmosphere.

On the other hand Latin American teams coped much better with the hot climate in Brazil, although the European Teams spared no expense or effort in their preparation to adapt as good as possible. For example the English national team used three layers of clothing during their training sessions in their pre world cup camp in Portugal to simulate the extensive dehydration of a world cup game in Brazil and the German national team build their own Resort in Santo André, called "Campo Bahia" to be able to recover as good as possible between their world cup games.

The European teams also adapted their own leagues schedules to have extra preparation time for the world cup, for example the German Bundesliga season 2013/2014 ended 8 days earlier than the 2012/2013 season and also the English Premier League ended 8 days earlier than the season before. But all these introduced measures could only minimize and not eliminate the disadvantages of the hot climate to the European teams.

Of course there were also other reasons for some of the favoured European teams failing so early on, like a lack of quality or a bad team spirit.

Nevertheless I think that particularly between European and Latin American teams playing on equal level the factors “Fans” and “Climate” made the difference for the Latin American teams in the end.