1.FC Nuremberg


At the start of the 2013/2014 Season Emanuel Pogatetz moved permanently from Vfl Wolfsburg to the traditional Club 1.FC Nuremberg.

It turned out to be a very difficult Season. A lot of Leaders just left the club and during the Season the team was cursed by injuries . Also the referees did not really do Emanuel Pogatetz and his team a lot of favours during the season, actually they discriminated them a lot with their plainly wrong decisions .

In the first half of the season he played every minute in every game he was eligible to play for 1.FC Nuremberg.

Shortly before the second half of the Season started Emanuel Pogatetz got injured during the pre-season camp. Although doctors predicted him to be side-lined for up to 12 weeks, he managed to recover much quicker and was able to be part of team for the fourth game of the second part of the season already.

Although Emanuel Pogatetz was doing his Best for 1.FC Nuremberg he could not prevent them from being relegated.

In the 12 Round of the Bundesliga Season Emanuel Pogatetz played without face-protection with a broken eye-socket and a broken cheek-bone in the game away at Borussia Moenchengladbach. He suffered the injuries in Training one day before the game.

Although it was a very though season with not a lot to cheer for, the 1.FC Nuremberg supporters supported their team tremendous throughout the whole season and showed once more that the 1.FC Nuremberg is not only an ordinary football club; it is an traditional Institution at the heart of a whole region.

Because his contract with 1.FC Nuremberg only counted for the German Bundesliga he had to leave the club at the end of the season on a free transfer.